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      "The story of Fundamental Coast is simple. Take an avid action sports enthusiast and drop him into the world of men’s luxury clothing collections."

      That is exactly what happened to Charles; Fundamental Coast’s Founder, when he was hired by the world’s largest luxury department store as a buyer for their men’s designer labels.

      Charles was exposed to some of the most recognized brands in the world which taught him the fine construction of garments and more exclusive fabrics.
      After spending 20+ years as a corporate buyer in many roles, he went to work as Creative Director for a small private company and began to understand the step-by-step process of clothing production.

      Charles spent hundreds of hours in factories and fabric mills across the globe, acting as a student of their craft.

      Eventually, the right opportunity came around which allowed him to combine his expertise, "action sports" attitude, and passion for luxury garments to create the better man’s collection, Fundamental Coast.

      The Fundamental Coast collection is made with high quality fabrics exclusively developed to give each of our customers a feeling of comfort and softness in every garment.

      Fundamental Coast’s styling is classic with youthful details and a modern fit. Our team spends countless hours perfecting, and  redefining luxury comfort clothing that wont sacrifice style and sophistication.

      Quality is our point of difference.



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